The Square is enforcing the FDA's best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic to safeguard our workers and customers. It's centered around 4 core areas.

Be Healthy for Yourself and Others by Keeping a Clean Establishment
  • Pre-screen (e.g., take temperature and assess symptoms prior to starting work).

  • Disinfect and clean work spaces and equipment, and consider more frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces.

  • Regularly self-monitor.

  • Wash, rinse, and sanitize food contact surfaces after every use.

  • Frequently disinfect surfaces repeatedly touched by employees such as door knobs, equipment handles, and counters.

  • Gloves and masks to be worn at all times.

Stay Clean and Disinfect After Every Order
Socially Distance From Customers and Other Employees
  • Employees will stay at assigned stations and not "cross over" into another employees area.

  • Food will be handed off for packaging within safe distancing guidelines.

  • Once the customer arrives the order will be placed either in the car or on a table outside, per the customer's instructions.

  • Customer pick-ups will be handled according to The Square's pick-up protocol.

  • Order will be delivered without contact.

  • Gloves and mask must be worn during delivery, even if outside and socially distanced.

Pick-Up &
Delivery Guidelines

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